Kisses And Tears (2000 - 2004)

Bed And Cross

two rooms
lower room

Cross and Bed I placed in correlation.
The religious context of the cross is relocated into the context of the intimate, personal, the male – female, the corporal.
The bed in which two people sleep carries the memory of an intimate story
The character of the glass is the character of the story – brittleness, sharpness, transparency, reflection.

The principle of unity, a suggestion carried within the cross itself, is a sublimation of needs and the inevitable pain. Intimate religion, anonymous, a sort of faith in their own ways of blood. The cross bears its own powerful symbolism and this is why it is “borrowed”, “converted” – to make the new microcosm, that of two people, significant.

The red colour is repeated through the layers of the glass.
Red is the color of blood, inner,in this case turned like a sock – inside out.
Accumulation of layers of glass make up the complete form of cross, which, very much like
sedimentary rocks retains all remains of experience.

size bed
upper room

Stairs (gallery) are going to introduce another level, literally and symbolically
. From an arranged, orderly set world to chaotic, dynamics, the internal, unconscious, dreamlike.

The entire room is the surface of the bed, from wall to wall, along and across.
The bedcovers are thrown about and lit from within
accumulations of experience emerge - entering from it.

The upper room is zoom (greater than our size), and enterance to the first close - up scene, the center of the action - the bed.
Order remained on the first level. Here's a rhythm, vague clusters of experiences - there are layers of glass in asymmetrical shapes that pierce from scattered linen and out of it. Scattered blankets, pillows that keep the body prints, sheets that remember them, the vertical forms that are raised - sexuality.

Kisses And Tears

and how they turn from one to other

Kisses red ~ Kisses black

Kisses red ~ Kisses black /detail

Letters On Tears

Letters On Tears /detail

Kisses All Around

Kisses All Around /detail

Flying Tears

Flying Tears /detail

Kisses And Tears

Kisses And Tears / detail

Tear up like paper

Tear up like paper / detail

Tear us apart

Tear us apart / detail

They flow

watercolors ~ 170 x 70 cm





  1. Hello! This work is beautiful. I love the significance of a bed. I did a piece where I used a hospital bed and thought of the residue of a person.I enjoyed this work. It is very refreshing. I liked the nest made with human hair. I am inspired by nests. Have a look at my website
    Angela Molloy

  2. Prekrasno za gledati i za čitati... mnoge od ovih priča progone me i samu.. prožimanje i "končanje" svega što postoji (i ne postoji), nivoi svijesti, grebuckanje unutar sebe i sa sebe...

  3. Hvala Snježana, svi smo u istom loncu :) što više gledamo u sebe više vidimo i sebe i druge.

  4. "što više gledamo u sebe više vidimo i sebe i druge." i... suprotno, što sve više gledamo SEBE, to sve manje vidimo svijet i živa bića oko sebe...

    Kisses And Tears >> izvanredno!