Shadows (1994 - )



Shadows transfer

Shadow is bringing to a complete
materialization – sculpture – shadow.

The game multiplies with shadows of the shadow wich includes “transfer of one space into another, because materialised shadow kept the wall breaches of the space it originate in.
That original space is an intimate space, room of everyday living and sleeping.
Whereever I put “sculpture – shadow” in the gallery (or any other place), it makes new relation with it´s own “replica – shadow”, always different, depending of light and space.

Three dimensional sculpture bodies are human shaped bodies from wich all this multiplication started with projecting their shadows on the walls, and materializing them into new shadow – bodies.

Layout at the exhibition point includes combineing the void between the elements, the tention of two and three spatial dimensions, ilussion.



Five swings are hanging from the ceiling. Two are occupied by a male and a female figure/statue respectively, two are empty, offered to the visitors to hop on and swing away. The fifth one hangs above the door, threatening to knock you on the head when entering.
The space is darkened. A video top is hidden in the upper part of the gallery, projecting the images of the shadows of two people going through the motions of swinging. They used to swing in another, former time, and now they have been marking the moments of the reality of the present time and space, synchronizing with them.
The shadows overlap and merge all over the front wall, slightly invading the side walls, too.
The invisibility of the video top and the size of the images forestall the visitors from detecting the source of the projected images; thus, the moving shadows seem real.
The viewers participate in shaping and restyling the happening with their bodies: they swing and move through the space in the three-dimensional reality, but also encroach on the past space by altering the frames via their own shadows on the wall.  







In Between


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